Our Background

Innovation Network & Design (Group) Limited, "Indzz" shortly, is a web design company in Hong Kong, as well as a team of design, programming and networking expert, who specialize in website services, multimedia and smartphone app development.

We mainly offer website services, including web design, web programming, shopping cart system development, e-mail direct marketing (EDM) and web hosting service. We also provide other multimedia service and consultation services, such as graphic design, mobile apps development, animation production and other creative solutions.

Since 2007, Indzz has served many clients from different industries, including several well-known companies and organizations. Every project makes us stronger and better. With these experience, we could provide professional and appropriate opinions to our clients.

Our Goals

In the digital era, people are connected to the Internet anytime and anywhere through gadgets simply. Websites, social network platforms and instant messaging apps have undoubtedly become important parts of our life. Indzz is familiar with website and new media. With this advantage, we aim to help our clients to promote their businesses via the Internet by building websites, developing smartphone apps and advising a set of social media marketing strategy.

We also aim to provide professional and caring customer services. We believe that our biggest mission is to help our client to build a website that fits their needs. Our experienced consultants communicate with clients and listen to their ideas in earnest. The consultants would also provide comments to the clients, so that they could benefit from the efficiency of our IT solutions.

Our Talents

We are good at design. Our designers are experienced in web design and graphic design. We design creative layouts, and optimize the user-interface, in order to make the system user-friendly.

We are also familiar with programming. We mainly build a website by HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. We provide HTML5, which is treated as a replacement of Flash, website development service. With these techniques, we build websites that possess a front-end with stunning visual effects and a user-friendly, high-performance and easy-to-use back-end.