Web Design

By creating an impressive company website, your company’s image would be enhanced.

Your customers could get useful information, such as services, products and contact information, by browsing your website.

First Year Web Hosting &
Domain Registration

First year web hosting account, with PHP & MySQL support, and top-level domain registration would be provided.

Admin Panel

We would provide a tailor-made and easy-to-use content management system for you to manage your website. Learn More »

Customer Service

We believe that communication is very important. We would hear your opinions and provide professional suggestions.

Apps Development Service

Lets your customer connect with you everywhere.

There is no doubt that smartphone has already become an important part of our life. Everyone could connect to the Internet through gadgets any time and any where. Making your company portable may help you to get more exposure. Moreover, smartphone has become a technology that is popular among different age group, including teenagers, adults and elderlies. Extending your business to the mobile platform may give your company many advantages.

Apart from apps development service, you may also consider our mobile web development service. By choosing our mobile web development service, your website could be accessed through modern web browsers on iOS and Android. Due to the directness of web pages, providing a mobile version website could be more beneficial than publishing a smartphone app in some situations!

Are you struggling between building an app and having a mobile website? Ask our project consultant now.

Compatible with
iOS & Android

Member System


Web Programming

Boost your efficiency.

Do you think that your company is wasting time in doing some complicated administrative work? Are you still using Excel files to store your valuable clients' information and invoice data?

Time is money. INDZZ is an expert in web programming, which may help you to enhance your company's efficiency. We could develop an enterprise system for your company. The system would be tailor-made, so that the system would include features that fit your company's daily operation, and there would not be any unnecessary functions. By having your company's own internal system, your company would be more systematic, automatic and productive. With INDZZ, you may focus on your business and enjoy a cup of coffee every day!

Apart from enterprise system, we also provide various kinds of e-commerce solutions. From a business-to-consumer (B2C) system, such as a simple online shopping cart, to a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) trading platform, we have rich experience in both types of system. By building up these system, your company would be more competitive due to the big influence of the Internet.

Don't miss any chance! Please contact our project consultants now for more details.

Tailor-made Content Management System (CMS)

In order to enhance the user-friendliness and performance, we develop our own content management system (CMS) and administration panel. In the CMS admin panel, you could edit your website content easily. You could simply upload an image and insert it into the website through a WYSIWYG editor. You may also embed a YouTube video, or change the font size and color via the editor. By choosing INDZZ, managing a website would not be painful anymore. You can enjoy the easiness of updating your website!

Why Tailor-made?

You may wonder why we prefer a tailor-made system rather than an open source CMS or e-shop. Indeed, we really appreciate the contribution of open source software developers. Those software could help people who want to setup a website themselves. There are a lot of useful extension and beautiful themes for those common open source CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

However, we believe our valuable clients deserve something better. Ready-made softwares are usually flexible, highly-customizable and with a lot of functions. Nevertheless, these advantages could only be enjoyed by the developer, but not the users. Those softwares provide many functions, but how many of them are really useful for you? A system that contains a lot of unused functions would be clumsy and waste a lot of server resources.

In contrast, our tailor-made system would be more user-friendly and possesses better performance. With a simple user-interface, you would not be confused by other useless modules. Most importantly, our own system is more well-performed than those common PHP CMS software. According to our test, the execution time of our CMS software is only about 13% of the WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, which means our system is about 8x faster than these software.

What if you still want to use an open source system to build your website? Don't worry, we are still willing to help you to work on it!

Graphic Design

Are you going to start up a business? Or do you want to give your company a new look? Apart from web design, we also offer various graphic design service, such as stationery set design, business card design and print advertisement design.

  • Brand
  • Letterhead &
  • Print
  • Product
  • Invitation & Greeting Card
  • Business
  • Poster, Flyer &
  • Promotion
  • Album &
  • Exhibition
    Display Board

E-mail Direct Marketing

Coming Soon...

Creative & Multimedia Solution

Can’t find the services that you need? Don’t worry! Apart from web design, we also provide various creative and innovative multimedia solution. In fact, we have done several special multimedia projects, including e-learning system, interactive game, animation and shopping mall kiosk.

Please feel free to contact our project consultants and tell us your idea. We would provide professional opinions and suggestions to help you optimize your company’s promotion campaign.

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